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Road Classics Producer and Creator Ashley Gracile feels that like all Studebaker's this 1954  Champion Deluxe was way ahead of its time in terms of design and build quality.

Pontiac or Acadian? Though the owner of this '67 Beaumont Sport Deluxe calls it a Pontiac.  Acadian was a car line which General Motors Canada morphed into Pontiac in the late 60's. 

This 1968 Lotus Elan Plus 2 found a new life as a vintage racer and  so did its owner who despite being a senior goes racing in the Lotus... this is a great story that you'll only see on Road Classics.

Ashley Gracile lifestyle TV producer created and produces Road Classics. His passion for collecting, restoring and finding classic cars drove him to create this ground breaking TV series. Whether its attending the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance or just sifting through a parts bin at a swap meet in Pomona... Road Classics gets it: you're into cars. Be sure to enjoy some Road Classics right here, read our blog or check your local listings to see when Road Classics is going to be on TV. But always circle back here 'cause we're adding more Road Classics all the time. So if you're into old cars, you should be into Road Classics.

Go ahead, roll up your sleeves, grab your racing gloves and join us for the ride of lifetime only on Road Classics

If you're a broadcaster, our domestic or international representation can arrange for your screening of any one of the 78 half-hours of Ashley Gracile's ground breaking TV series Road Classics, available in HD with M E tracks; because if your viewers are into cars... than you should be on the air with Road Classics.

Reach out to Road Classics at roadclassics@ashleygracileclassiccars.com

Ashley Gracile presents one of the original American street rods, a '44 two-door Ford Coach.  The sleek-looking body of this classic only hints at the power under the hood... a flat-head V8. There's a lot more on Road Classics.